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Are you ready for the future?
Face change with confidence.

56% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders during this pandemic. It has never been more important to invest in your own mental wellbeing, in order to cultivate and develop resilience and mental capacity for great performance.

Join us to learn ways to enable you to thrive in this ever-changing world.
Learning tools to develop these skills is the start of a mindful revolution, the outcome of which is a healthier, happier and more engaged you; and ultimately a community thriving in the way that they live their lives.

A 7-month NHP sponsored journey for our members!

We will provide tools that enable NHP members and dependants to actively care for their mental wellbeing - our purpose is to help members thrive by instilling a habit of self-care and developing skills to support productivity and grow resilience.

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Highly effective human-to-human interventions.

Building your capacity to thrive

  • 30-minute themed weekly session

  • Short discussion with a check-in to sustain connection, inclusive of mindfulness practice.


  • 60-minute themed masterclass on relevant topics

  • Some options include: Breaking Through Burnout, Essential Services for Self, Brave New World, Work-life Fusion, Resilience, Growing Attitude, or any other topics that may impact your business.

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