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NHRS 14-day Challenge: You are not alone - Day 1

NHRS 14-day Challenge: You are not alone - Day 1

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Key takeaways from session 1:

  • It’s okay to be scared and there is benefit in admitting to it.

  • Our mental health correlates closely with our physical health.

  • The “always on” culture give us even less time for ourselves.

  • Anxiety comes primarily from the inability to remain in the present moment.

Key Takeaways Day 1: Motivation

Key takeaways from session 2:

  • We can feel many different emotions at the same time.

  • Shine a light on our emotions today and bring them out into the open.

  • COVID is scary and can feel even more threatening than a world war.

  • What happens in our minds with the myriad of emotions that we experience as human beings.

Key Takeaways Day 2: The Hammer

Key takeaways from session 3:

  • The five stages of grief

  • Turning pain into power with Hermien Elago

  • What does your grief need from you now?

Key Takeaways Day 3: The Stages of Grief

Key takeaways from session 4:

  • Breathing exercise

  • Check in: Our mood meter

  • A true inspiration in times of darkness - Dr. Viktor Frankl

  • Kintsugi - The art of putting our broken pieces back together

Key Takeaways Day 4: The Glue

Key takeaways from session 5:

  • We can find the courage to say that “I am hurting.”

  • There is help available to all of us.

  • Sometimes those around us simply don’t know what to say

  • If we don’t receive the help and words of support from others, perhaps we can say these things for ourselves.

Key Takeaways Day 5: What To Say

Key takeaways from session 6:

  • Take a moment to think about something you are grateful for.

  • We are biologically wired for negativity.

  • Rick Hansen says that our brains are like Teflon for positive experiences and Velcro for negative ones!

  • The gift of gratitude prevents us from the downward spiral of depression and anxiety.

Key Takeaways Day 6: The Gifts of Gratitude

Key takeaways from session 7:

  • 40 % of people feel emotionally and physically isolated by working online from home.

  • People are feeling isolated and are craving human connection

  • Let’s not settle for the standard, “I’m fine” response. Start the revolution by admitting you’re not okay!

  • We don’t need to hide our humanness- our vulnerability is our strength.

  • Burnt out is real- admitting to it is hard to do. Let us break the stigma and realize that we are not alone!

  • Be that person for someone- check in and hold space for someone else today.

Key Takeaways Day 7: Checking In

Key takeaways from session 8:

  • Emotions are messengers.

  • Have grace for yourself and others.

  • Sometimes it feels like we must fight ourselves to free ourselves.

  • Do not gaslight yourself! Watch your self-talk.

  • Healing is not a linear process.

Key Takeaways Day 8: Putting one foot in front of the other

Key takeaways from session 9:

  • The breath is a brain hack.

  • Breath Meditation

  • Alternate nostril breathing technique.

  • The ‘3:4:5’ and ‘4:7:8’ breathing technique.

Key Takeaways Day 9: Just Breathe!

Key takeaways from session 10:

  • The Mind Jar

  • Our words have power

  • Speak to yourself with kindness

Key Takeaways Day 10: Our Words Have Power

Key takeaways from session 11:

  • What are you grateful for?

  • Can you be grateful for yourself?

  • Why is it so challenging for you to celebrate yourself?

  • Be “obsessively grateful”

Key Takeaways Day 11: Self-Gratitude

Key takeaways from session 12:

  • What are some of the emotions you and your family have experienced during lockdown?

  • Can you tell us about the challenging time you have been through lately?

  • How do you create space for yourself and your well-being?

Key Takeaways Day 12: Creating Space

Key takeaways from session 13:

  • Where on the scale are you today?

  • Iani’s wisdom shared.

  • Suzie shares her experience.

  • Visual mindfulness practice.

Key Takeaways Day 13: Meaning and Purpose

Key takeaways from session 14:

  • Check in with yourselves and others regularly.

  • Asking for help is not giving up; it’s refusing to give up!

  • Never give up hope, never give up. 

Key Takeaways Day 14: Keep Going


  • Poem by Laura Ding-Edwards

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