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Enrolling your patients in the DBC back and neck program

You’ll be pleased to learn that Namibia Health Risk Solutions (NHRS) has been licensed as a Managed Care Company, to introduce a back and neck functional restoration program for patients who suffer from chronic and debilitating back and neck pain.

NHRS makes use of the DBC system, which has been implemented in clinics worldwide with well documented results. The focus of the DBC treatment is on both physical conditioning of the musculoskeletal system and addressing the psychological aspects of chronic back and neck pain. 
If evidence-based guidelines and your judgment deem treatment necessary, please refer eligible patients to the NHRS 
Centre at Omuramba Day Clinic. The DBC trained clinical staff will then assess the patient and discuss the treatment 
options with you and them. 

After the assessment at the DBC Centre, the following will happen:

• Patients will, where logistically possible, be enrolled in the DBC functional restoration program, if inclusion criteria are met.

• If an operation is required, the clinical staff will advise accordingly.


• Emergency surgical cases will not require a DBC referral or an assessment.  
To assist you in decision-making, we have pleasure in including DBC back and neck management algorithms.

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Clinic Address:

Unit 3, Omuramba Medical Centre,    General Murtalla Muhammed Avenue,    Eros, Windhoek 


We look forward to your cooperation and support in our attempts to improve the health of the Namibian community. If you need more information on enrolling your patients in the Back and Neck program, please contact the NHRS offices.

For more information or the detailed program, please download our information sheet: