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Key takeaways from Day 1:

  • We explored the first three steps of the 5-step process to goal setting to help set us up for the new year ahead

  • Why We Fail

  • The Goal Game

  • What has Goal Setting got to do with Mental Health?

  • Goal Setting

Key Takeaways 1: Goal Setting

Key takeaways from Day 2:

  • We explore the nature of the mind and how to train the monkey mind by strengthening the prefrontal cortex.

  • The Monkey Mind

  • Letting Go of the Yellow Banana

  • Training the Prefrontal Cortex

Key Takeaways 2: Your Personal Mission Statement

Key takeaways from Day 3:

  • We explore the neuroscience of habit formation

  • The Brain

  • The Mechanism of Habit Formation

  • Value Tagging

Key Takeaways 3: Goal Setting Rules