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Key takeaways from Session 1: Motivation

  • Science suggests that we as humans are 200 00 years old.

  • Our world has changed a lot since then and today our cave person mind is not as helpful as it was.

  • We are biologically wired for negativity. It is a survival mechanism which in this day and age we have less use for, than in the hunter-gatherer days of old. It still remains our default pattern, however.

  • We are wired to default to anxiety and fear with a mind that is constantly anticipating the worst thing.

Key Takeaways Day 1: Motivation

Key takeaways from Session 2: Challenge to a healthy mind

  • What does a Fit for Purpose Mind look like in 2021?

  • Research

  • Looking at Your Brain

  • Brain Gym

  • The Nature of the Mind

Key Takeaways Day 2: Challenge to a healthy mind

Key takeaways from Session 3: Vulnerability

  • Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Blame

  • Courage

  • Stepping into Vulnerability

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

  • Mindfulness and Vulnerability

  • Reflections on Vulnerable Conversations

  • F.E.A.R

Key Takeaways Day 3: Vulnerability

Key takeaways from Session 4: Better Sleep

  • Lack of Sleep is NOT a Badge of Honour

  • The Importance of Good Sleep

  • Sleep Research

  • Gadget-free Zones

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Breathe Better

Key Takeaways Day 4: Better Sleep

Key takeaways from Session 5: R U OK?

  • Mark’s Pajama Day

  • Starting the Conversation: The Art of Checking In

  • What happens when someone says they are not okay?

  • Closing Practice

Key Takeaways Day 5: R U OK?

Key takeaways from Session 6: Building A Resilient Brain

  • Some Interesting Facts about your Brain!

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Mindful Practice 1: Focus

  • Mindfulness Practice 2: Brain Workout

Key Takeaways Day 6: Building A Resilient Brain

Key takeaways from Session 7: All About Stress

  • Short Term Stress is Our Superpower

  • Chronic Stress is Our Kryptonite

  • Stress Statistics

  • Coping with Stress Effectively

  • You are Stronger than you Think

Key Takeaways Day 7: All About Stress

Key takeaways from Session 8: Kindness For Combatting Stress

  • Oxytocin

  • The Science of Kindness

  • Developing a Kindness Practice

  • Loving Kindness Practice

Key Takeaways Day 8: Kindness For Combatting Stress

Key takeaways from Session 9: Kindness For Combatting Stress

  • Recap of the Week

  • The Benefits of Serotonin

  • How to Increase Serotonin

  • 9 Ways to Prolong Memory

Key Takeaways Day 9: Kindness For Combatting Stress

Key takeaways from Session 10: What Happens in Vagus

  • What is the Vagus Nerve?

  • 8 Ways to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve

Key Takeaways Day 10: What Happens in Vagus

Key takeaways from Session 11: Reconnecting with Others

  • Let’s Journey to Hawaii to visit the Gold Saddle Goatfish

  • Lost Connections

  • The Tribe

  • Connection is Essential

  • Reconnection Research

Key Takeaways Day 11: Reconnecting with Others

Key takeaways from Session 12: Reconnecting with Ourselves

  • Introspect by Intentionally Turning Inwards

  • Reflect on Yourself and your Mental Well-being in Real Time

  • Connect your Authentic Self

  • Respect your self-care needs

  • Your Internal Bank Account

Key Takeaways Day 12: Reconnecting with Ourselves

Key takeaways from Session 13: Sympathetic Joy

  • Lost connections’ by John Hari

  • ‘The every-day hero’ by Robin Sharma

  • The Caveman Ways

  • Sympathetic Joy

  • Mindful Practice: Growing Sympathetic Joy

Key Takeaways Day 13: Sympathetic Joy

Key takeaways from Session 14: Bringing it all Together

  • Fit for Purpose Mind

  • The Pencil

  • The Push Up Challenge

  • The Cave-person Programming

  • Take a Trip to the Brain Chemical Bar

  • Your Road Map to Mental Health

  • Mindfulness Practice: Brain Gym

Key Takeaways Day 14: Bringing it all Together